ATV 5th WHEEL dolly, fish house dolly post thumbnail

The ATV 5th WHEEL dolly- fish house dolly- trailer dolly. Built to assist ATV’s pulling tongue heavy fish houses and trailers. Lower the trailer onto the ball, and the ATV squats to a determined distance. ( 3 to 5 inches or whatever distance you want ) Putting enough down pressure on the ATV for traction. But raising the trailer off the ball, ATV rises back to its normal ride height and ATV 5th WHEEL will be 3 to 5 inches off the ground for normal ATV operation. The fish house dolly ball height is 19 inches, the trailer will be level. The ATV 5th WHEEL caster wheel built with self lubricating brass bearings and an 8 inch tall, 3 inch wide, solid phenolic wheel, is good to temperatures to – 45 degrees with load capacity of 2500 lbs and greaseable roller bearings.


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