For me not having to deal with ramps to load the Multi Action Trailer is ideal. The low angle makes it so easy to drive, push or slide anything onto the trailer. And how much easier can it be to unload “DUMP”.  Trailer pulls smooth and quite. And durable, the polyethylene sides are indestructible.

Kevin Keefe

The Legend Lift is a versatile lift for your auto body shop! From painted bumpers, fully loaded tailgates or doors to those pesky stands that take up so much room on the shop floor. The Legend Lift will take care of them all. The Legend Lift allows you to maximize every square foot of your shop and increase production at the same time. My shop currently has two Legend Lifts and looking at purchasing a third. There is no other bumper, door, tailgate rack like this produced. Awesome product and design.

Derby Wiesen Legend Auto Body