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Multi Action Trailer

Easiest trailer to load and unload! This handy tilt/dump utility trailer will be your all-purpose trailer. Dump trailer contents without lifting a finger!

Gooseneck Quick Hitch

Back up to the gooseneck trailer one time. Coupler drops down to align with ball 5" in any direction. Lowering trailer will self-align & latch hitch.

Legend Lift Power Bumper Rack

Protect your pre-painted parts with the Power Bumper Rack!

Rollout Runway Cart

A cart to move, roll up and roll out that heavy track runway mat.


The "DEF KEG", a portable DEF transfer tank, is a 40 gallon portable Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank that piggy backs to your fuel tank in the back of your pickup.


The ATV 5th WHEEL dolly, fish house dolly, was built to assist ATV's pulling tongue heavy fish houses and trailers. It allows you to get out on early ice conditions.

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It's the easiest trailer to load and unload. The way the trailer lowers in the back allows you to wheel, slid or roll things into and out of the trailer. The dumping speaks for it's self. You don't need a jack to change a tire. You don't need a hoist to grease or maintain the trailer. The only trailer that works for you.
Loosen the two set screws and in some cases remove the load bolt. Insert the quick hitch to desired height and tighten set screws. You will need to drill a hole for the load bolt. Be sure the bolt will clear all parts on the inside of the hitch.
Yes. Give us your wall height and any obstacles that might be in the way. We can customize the track to work on your wall. We can give you options on the length of the arms, depending on what your needs are.
Yes, give us a call and let us build a solution for your problem.
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