The “DEF KEG”- portable DEF tank post thumbnail
The "DEF KEG", a portable DEF transfer tank, is a 40 gallon portable Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank that piggy backs to your fuel tank in the back of your pickup. A construction grade ,12 gauge stainless tank built to take the abuse of the construction industry. It has a 8 gallon per minute pump, 18 feet of 3/4" hose. Floor runners to protect the bottom of the tank. Filler neck will only receive the small DEF pump nozzles. The filler neck is on the drivers side for easy filling at pump islands. Keeping the nozzle clean are 5 rubber sleeves inside the shield holder  It's important to keep your diesel exhaust fluid fresh, so storing the DEF in this stainless steel tank will eliminate the sun from braking down  the fluid. As the temperature drops below freezing, you flip a switch and reverse the pump to purge the fluid backwards into the tank to eliminate pump freeze up.
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